Website Maintenance Tailored for New Zealand

As websites age, they become susceptible to security vulnerabilities, sluggish performance, and fail to meet their intended objectives effectively.

To counteract this, we’ve curated three comprehensive plans meticulously designed to ensure your website remains swift, secure, up-to-date, and, above all, proficient in achieving your objectives.

We’ve ‘adopted’ websites created by other web firms, assisting in their hosting, maintenance, and evolution.

Here are four compelling reasons to entrust your hosting and maintenance needs to NZ Websites:

1: Continuous Care
Your website doesn’t become a relic once it’s launched. We ensure its ongoing security, future-proofing, and enhancement.

2: Transparent Pricing, Effortless Management
Keep your website in prime condition with our straightforward monthly plans, tailored to accommodate diverse business needs and objectives.

3: Proven Expertise
Organisations across New Zealand and Australia trust NZ Websites to oversee and optimise their websites. From multinational corporations to local SMEs, we cater to a wide spectrum of clients.

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Maintenance and Hosting Plans

Simple and transparent website maintenance and hosting plans.

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